Me again

Assalamualaikum w.b.t Since today (posted at 1.40am-16/9) is not-a-working-day,so i decided to blog more. Lots to write!!! But first let me say Alhamdulillah. My life wouldn't been this great if it wasn't because of the Anugerah by Allah The Almighty and the Doa from my parents,family,him n friends. January 2014. My life changed. →Got a job as a Hull and Structure Engineer in Shipbuilding industry, a company known as Boustead Naval Shipyard (will write another story for this) and start 3 months training(class)← March 17 2014. Me and him(the same 'him' since years ago.Alhamdulillah) started our first job together. Me: Attached to my dedicated department which is Production Engineering Dept. Him:Started his training as a cadet in Malaysia Airlines System (was).now Malaysia Airlines Berhad. Start our official work on the very same date. Hmm.macam manis lah pulak.. After banyak ribut-petir-masam-manis-masin kehidupan. We've made it in our career and


Assalamualaikum w.b.t Cant believe my blog is still here. Last time i've posted a story was January 2014. Time travelled really fast.😯😯😯 Macam a.w.k.w.a.r.d pulak tulis dalam blog sebab seriously dah lama gills x menulis dalam ni. but i miss writing. I really am. Now,since dah guna apps kt playstore utk update bolehlah update selalu (read:bila rajin sajo). I'm 26 already this year. So many things happened throughout the years. So, writing technique pon mungkin berubah ikot peredaran umoqla kot. tapi still xmatang lg acanno.haih. So.well hello bloggers. Im back! (walaupun tau xde orang baca.nak greet jugak. This called courtesy to our alam-maya) Tomorrow is September HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY and HAPPY HOLIDAY!. Till next time then. P/s: Intro,plot,isi,konklusi semua lari. Haha.kbai🙋🙋🙋


Assalamualaikum w.b.t My first entry in 2014. Alhamdulillah masih lagi bernafas till today Allah the Almighty *Tiada sesuatu dimulakan dengan kesenangan tanpa kesusahan *There is always rain before you get to see the splendid rainbow *"call upon Him, and He will answer you" *Just don't despair and never lose your hope These words have been my soul food everyday. well, it helps : Alot If others can't motivate you Let you motivate yourself >>>>>>> October the 5th 2013. i've created a history A history :where i got my degree scroll in Civil Engineering Alhamdulillah and yeay to me I made it.Finally. >>>>>>>> Today. January 12th, i'm waiting for the precious thing hope it will arrive by today i'll tell you what the thing is on the next entry hmm perhaps? >>>>>>> I'm afraid to start a new life A life where an adventure b

Final the finale

Assalamualaikum w.b.t .Pukul 2.30-5.30 petang tadi, usai paper second last aku foundation engineering .Alhamdulillah, 'bulehla uduh2 buat' bak kato ore klate kito. .Paper last will be on Tuesday. Geographical Info. System. .Ni paper last untuk sem dan tahun lasttt skali. .Thesis dah siap, nk finalised kan lagi, tunggu esokla, esok mungkin nak print. .Pas print thesis 4 copy, then hantaq kat fakulti utk hardbound,then, sit exam, pastu .Merdeka!. sekarang ni,xyah nak merdeka sangat. .Dulu, bangun pagi, bukak laptop, teruih browse fb. .Sekarang, bangun pagi2 bukak laptop truih bukak email. .Hoping for gud news from companies that will email me for interview. .Hantar resume kt jobstreet, tp xdak pon yg review sebab apps byk sgt. .Mungkin, dia tengok gambaq je truih reject kot. sobsob .bapak aku xsuruh aku gigih sangat carik kerja.dia suruh aku dok umah dulu.rehat2. rezeki Allah ni luas.xyah nk risau sangat. Aku yakin, aku akan kerja jugak one d

How to gain weight?

Assalamualaikum wbt How to gain weight for skinny people like me? EAT A LOT!!! NO NEED WEIGHT GAIN PILL OR SOMETHING JUST EAT EAT EAT ALL THE TIMEEEE p/s:  i'd rather spending my money on food than glam-my things like shoes and so on        ohmycheese, i love food sooo much!!.         i eat a lot and i'm broke and still no weight gained..         i don't ask much, just 5kg ok 5 kg..         kawin and beranak is the best way to gain weight..proved? sisters!!!

Miracle in cell no. 7

This is one of the latest 2013 Korean movie. mungkin tajuk dia tak sebest yang disangka2. But i bet, you won't regret to watch this movie. Kinda sad, indeed, it is a really sad and touching and a perlu sedia tisu punya story. As for me, kalau ada cerita sedih part libatkan family memang sedih and cepat buatkan aku nanges. So this include cerita ni. Review drama Korea( in my own words) Alkisahnya begini, ada sorang ayah ni, dia macam xberapa nk sihatlah, in term of mental, bukan 100% insane ke ape,  tapi dia mcm ada penyakit aethisme (kot) tp still under control-la.. tengok watak ayah dia pon rasa sedih dah.. dia tinggal berdua je dgn his daughter this girl is soooo cuteee n pandai gile berlakon.. pastu, tetibe si-ayah ni dituduh ada buat jenayah, padahal dia xbuat pon .klu nk tahu jenayah apa, mohon tgk cerita ni ok.. pastu, sampailah part sedihnya.. where, si-ayah kn hidup dalam jail sebab kena tuduh tu.. orang yang tuduh dia tu k